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3 Tips to Save Money on Auto Repair in Erie, CO

Owning a vehicle in Erie, CO or anywhere else in the U.S. isn’t cheap. An Ally bank survey estimated that the average American spent almost $2,000 on auto repairs in 2019. This represents a staggering $10,000 every five years for automotive repairs

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to save money on auto repairs. And our team at Fine Tuned Auto in Erie, CO can help. 

Let’s look at a few steps to save money on auto repair in Erie, CO.

1. Maintenance, Maintenance, and More Maintenance

You know the old saying, “You gotta spend money to make money”? When it comes to your vehicle, you must spend money to save money. 

Yet, the spending is in the form of automotive preventative maintenance, such as not skipping an oil change. Having regular maintenance can help reduce repair costs in more than one way.

Regular Maintenance Can Extend the Life of Components

On one hand, regular preventative maintenance can extend the life of essential parts and components. 

For example, an oil change is a simple and relatively cost-efficient maintenance that will keep your engine running smoothly. A regular tire rotation can help prevent uneven wear and help you get the most miles out of every set of tires. 

In the end, having regular maintenance can improve the condition of key components and extend their useful life.

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Minor Issues From Becoming Major Repair

Another way regular maintenance can save you money is by preventing a small molehill from turning into a mountain of repair bills. Routine maintenance in Erie, CO, can help identify minor problems before they evolve into expensive repairs

For instance, if you’re able to find a small nail in your tire, you may be able to patch it instead of replacing the entire tire. And proper brake maintenance could be the difference between an inexpensive brake pad replacement and a costly master cylinder replacement.

2. Find the Right Repair Shop

If you are in immediate need of auto repair in Erie, CO, it may not be the most suitable time to find a reputable auto repair shop. 

Instead, it’s best to find and establish a relationship with an auto repair facility in Erie, CO before you need auto repairs. Establishing a relationship with an auto repair facility for automotive preventative maintenance is the best-case scenario. 

To find the best repair shops in Erie, CO, ask your friends, family members, or check out reviews on Yelp, Facebook, or other sites.

3. Make Sure You Ask Questions & Understand

Unless you’re an experienced mechanic, you may not understand all of the terminology and jargon used by your mechanic. However, you must know and are comfortable with the services and their charging price. 

To get this understanding, make sure to ask questions. Failure to ask questions and understand could lead to you being charged more for services than necessary.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto for the Best Auto Repair in Erie, CO

As a vehicle owner, auto repairs are inevitable, no matter the make or model. However, you can reduce your auto repair bill by having regular maintenance. 

At the same time, establishing a relationship with a local auto repair facility in Erie, CO can be the difference between you overpaying and receiving affordable auto repair. And if you’re looking for the best auto repair shop in Erie, CO, Fine Tuned Auto will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto today by calling 720-600-1105, completing our online contact form, or visiting us at 3332 Arapahoa Road in Erie, CO.