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3 Ways an Oil Change Can Change Your Car’s Performance

An oil change can either make or break the performance of your vehicle. 

Thus, it’s imperative to have an oil change based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Doing so improves the performance of your vehicle in more ways than one. 

Let’s take a closer look at the top ways an oil change can impact the performance of your vehicle. 

1. Oil Change Helps Your Engine Achieve Optimal Performance

Having regular oil changes is paramount to the overall performance of your engine. Moreover, changing to synthetic oil is good, as it contains special additives that prevent sludge and deliver high lubrication levels. 

Synthetic oil is much slicker—it can freely flow through your engine components. It doesn’t thicken and causes sludge buildup, which can rob horsepower from your engine.

With all these key benefits, you’ll have a stellar engine designed to deliver excellent performance at every turn. Investing in premium synthetic motor oil is worth the cost.

2. Get More Performance for Less with Oil Changes

Old, sludgy oil makes your engine work harder and decreases fuel economy. 

Here’s why. When the oil thickens, it becomes sludgy because the suggested oil change interval has passed. Your engine must use more energy and work harder to deliver the same level of performance. 

When you have regular oil changes, you can protect your engine’s efficiency and ensure it delivers optimized performance.

3. Oil Change Extend the Performance Life of Your Engine

Once the sludge has developed, it will block vital pathways of oil flow. It will limit the oil’s ability to move into key chambers and components where it’s needed. In short, these parts won’t get the lubrication they need to work.

This ultra-thick sludge will also insulate the hotter parts of your engine. This adds more insult to injury. Why? 

Another function of motor oil is to remove heat away from key engine parts. When these parts are covered in sludge, they will stay hotter longer and reduce the overall life of your engine. 

On the other hand, fresh oil will boost your engine’s cooling ability in a more efficient manner. This is another way a regular oil change can extend the performance life of your engine.

Schedule an Oil Change in Erie, CO at Fine Tuned Auto

An oil change is a regular and extremely necessary aspect of owning a vehicle. While you may have to pay a marginal cost for an oil change, not having one can exponentially cost you more later down the road. 

Failing to have regular oil changes can lead to complete engine failure. But before you get there, you’re likely to pay more for gas and have reduced horsepower. Thus, it just makes dollars and sense to have it done. 

If your vehicle is due for an oil change, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Fine Tuned Auto in Erie, CO. Contact Fine Tuned Auto in Erie, CO today.