Vehicle Diagnostics Testing in Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO

Seeing a warning symbol or light illuminated on your dashboard indicator can be alarming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Fortunately, the mechanic at Fine Tuned Auto in Broomfield, Erie, or Aurora, CO, can help. As the best repair facility in the area, Fine Tuned Auto offers a full array of diagnostic services and solutions.

We work on virtually all makes and models of vehicles. Our mechanic has state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to provide an affordable solution quickly.

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What Is a Vehicle Diagnostics Test?

The experienced ASE-Certified mechanics at Fine Tuned Auto will connect your vehicle to our innovative Snap-On Scan Tools during a vehicle diagnostics test. Doing so can quickly access, review, and interpret any codes or notifications.

When performing a vehicle diagnostics test, we can detect minor problems before they become an expensive repair. Our diagnostics test will report back codes for almost every major part of your vehicle, including:

  • Fuel Injection System
  • Air Flow
  • Various Sensors
  • …and more.

A vehicle diagnostics test is a quick and efficient way to ensure your vehicle performs at optimum levels.

When Should I Have a Vehicle Diagnostics Test Performed?

Most experts suggest performing a vehicle diagnostics test at least once every year. Doing so may uncover minor problems that may not be heard or seen. 

However, the top reason people bring their vehicle to Fine Tuned Auto for vehicle diagnostics tests is an illuminated Check Engine Light. The Check Engine Light or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) signifies something is awry. 

While most people immediately think the worst, the problem can be quickly resolved in many instances. It may just be as simple as tightening your gas cap. If your Check Engine Light is turned on, it’s essential to have your vehicle examined quickly in any case.

Other signs you should have a vehicle diagnostics test performed include:

  • Odd scents
  • The vehicle sporadically stops running and need to be restarted
  • Engine running roughly
  • Reduction in MPGs (miles per gallon)
  • Weird sounds.

A vehicle diagnostics test may be the best way to uncover the underlying problem when these signs appear.

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Today’s modern vehicles are technologically advanced, complicated machines. Considering all moving parts, it can be difficult to efficiently and accurately diagnose potential problems. 

At Fine Tuned Auto, we leverage the latest and most advanced diagnostics equipment to pinpoint the problem before starting repairs. Once we’ve isolated the source of the problem, our experienced mechanic will offer you fast and affordable auto repair solutions.

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