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Engine Repair & Replacement in Broomfield, Erie, & Aurora, CO

Your engine is the most important—and expensive—component of your vehicle. Your vehicle is useless without its engine. 

And learning that your vehicle needs engine repair or replacement can be alarming. It prompts you to ask, “Should I have engine repair, engine replacement? Or should I buy a new car?” 

While everyone’s answer may be different, Fine Tuned Auto has helped drivers throughout Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO save time and money with affordable engine repair and replacement.

Our highly-skilled ASE-Certified mechanic specializes in engine repair and replacement on virtually all makes and models. Most importantly, we will always provide you with honest and unbiased advice and guidance to help you make the best decision. 

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Engine Diagnostics and Maintenance in Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO

An ounce of maintenance is worth pounds of cure for your engine. You can prevent engine repair and replacement by having regular engine maintenance. And the key to engine maintenance? Regular engine diagnostics. 

At Fine Tuned Auto, we offer an array of engine maintenance and diagnostics services designed to protect your engine and prolong its life. We leverage state-of-the-art tools that can quickly scan your engine for trouble codes. Once we pull and interpret the codes, our mechanic will explain the necessary services. 

In addition to having regular engine diagnostics, some of the most common types of engine maintenance services we provide include:

  1. Standard engine tune-up service (including spark plug replacement)
  2. Fuel system cleaning service
  3. Engine filter replacement service
  4. Engine sensors and electronic diagnostics
  5. Fuel pump service
  6. Emissions control systems
  7. …and more.

Engine Repair in Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO

If your engine displays signs of malfunction, have it immediately inspected by the mechanics at Fine Tuned Auto. After we determine the cause of the problem, we will offer you the necessary engine repair services.

Our ASE-Certified mechanic can perform engine repair on virtually all makes and models. From minor engine repairs to more extensive services, we are your one-stop engine repair center in Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO.

A few of the most common signs your vehicle needs engine repair include:

  • Decreased performance
  • Increased exhaust smoke
  • A strange knocking noise

Engine Replacement in Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO

We offer affordable engine replacement for almost every type of vehicle. We install premium Jasper replacement engines when you have an engine replacement at Fine Tuned Auto.

As the top name in engine replacement, Jasper has been remanufacturing engines since 1942. Since then, Jasper has become one of the most prominent and well-respected sources for premium remanufactured gas engines, diesel engines, transmissions, and more. 

Each Jasper engine replacement has been meticulously inspected and remanufactured based on the highest quality standards. Because of this exceptional level of quality, we can stand behind our engine replacement service with a comprehensive warranty.

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If your engine has let you down, the team at Fine Tuned Auto can help. We offer various types of engine repair and replacement services designed to get you back up and running with a reliable engine. 

Our engine repair and replacement options are usually preferred and more cost-effective than purchasing an entirely new vehicle. The mechanics at Fine Tuned Auto will offer you unbiased guidance and advice to help you find the best solution in any case.

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