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Oil Change in Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO

Every time you start your car, the engine—and its roughly 2000 moving parts—comes alive to get you onto the road. And your car’s oil is all that stands between the engine running reliably and it destroying itself from wear and tear.

That’s why it’s critical to remember to get oil changes in Erie, Broomfield, and Aurora, CO at the recommended interval for your car. If you don’t, you risk doing permanent damage to your engine and shortening the useful life of your vehicle.

If you live in the Broomfield, Erie, or Aurora, CO areas, there’s no better place to go for your oil change than Fine Tuned Auto. Our ASE-certified mechanics and technicians have the tools and expertise to perform oil changes on virtually all makes and models of vehicles.

Best of all, we stand behind all of our work with an industry-leading 3-Year, 36,000-Mile Nationwide Warranty on eligible repairs. This way, you can rest easy knowing we’ve done it right the first time.

How Motor Oil and the Oil Change Protect Your Engine?

Oil plays the most significant role in the performance and longevity of all fluids your engine relies on. As your engine runs, motor oil circulates through it, protecting it in several important ways. They include:

  • Reducing Friction — Your engine’s oil leaves a thin protective layer on all of the surfaces it touches. That layer minimizes the wear-and-tear of the metal-on-metal contact that happens as your engine runs.
  • Fighting Engine Corrosion — The metal components of an engine are susceptible to oxidation and corrosion due to the intense heat and chemical reactions they endure. Automotive oils contain anti-corrosion and rust inhibitors that help to keep oxidation and corrosion at bay.
  • Removing Debris — As your engine oil circulates, it collects any debris that builds up inside your engine. That debris gets trapped in the oil filter, preventing it from damaging your engine.
  • Reducing Heat — Although your car’s coolant system removes much of the heat generated by the engine, it doesn’t reach the interior of the combustion system. But your car’s oil does, and it removes heat from the hottest parts of your engine as it circulates.

In addition, motor oil plays a crucial role in maintaining fuel efficiency, and certain types of oil may even improve the performance of older vehicles. Motor oil is infused with different additives and vitamins to perform these critical roles. Over time, however, these additives and nutrients are stripped, which is why it’s imperative to have an oil change according to the manufacturer’s suggested intervals.

The General Oil Change Process

Most modern vehicles require oil and filter replacement every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Some newer vehicles include indicators that let you know it’s time to make an appointment for an oil change.

In either case, when you bring your vehicle to Fine Tuned Auto in Broomfield, Erie, or Aurora, CO, our expert mechanics will perform your oil change according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

 The oil change process usually includes some iteration of the following process:

  • Drain your vehicle’s existing motor oil.
  • Remove and replace your oil filter.
  • Refill your engine with high-quality oil that matches the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Check for any leaks in the oil system.

It’s a quick process, but one that will keep your car on the road for countless miles of trouble-free driving.

Trust Fine Tuned Auto for Your Next Oil Change in Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO

Just as you rely on blood to live, your car, truck, or SUV relies on oil. Without this critical fluid, your vehicle is destined to fail. Because of this, it’s imperative to schedule regular oil changes at Fined Tuned Auto in Broomfield, Erie, or Aurora, CO.

At Fine Tuned Auto, we specialize in performing oil change services, and a host of other maintenance and repairs for virtually all makes and models of vehicles. Our seasoned ASE-Certified mechanic will get the job done right in practically no time so that you can get back on the road. Whether you want an oil change in Broomfield, Erie, or Aurora, CO, Fine Tuned Auto can help.

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