Suspension Service in Erie, Broomfield, & Aurora, CO

Your car’s suspension system is the unsung hero of its driving performance in Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO. When the suspension system works well, you get a safe and comfortable ride. If it isn’t, you’ll not only feel the difference—you and your family could also be in danger. That’s because your car’s suspension system has two main functions:

  1. The first is to keep your tires in contact with the road at all times so that you can stay in control.
  2. The second is to absorb all of the bumps and vibrations of high-speed travel on the road.

Fortunately, the ASE-certified mechanics at Fine Tuned Auto in Erie, Broomfield, and Aurora, CO can help. We specialize in offering fast and affordable suspension service and repair. Our seasoned technicians and mechanics boast an in-depth understanding of all types of suspension systems—inside and out.

Whether you need suspension service and repair in Broomfield, Erie, or Aurora, CO, the team at Fine Tuned Auto will meet your needs and exceed your expectations at every turn.

Understanding Your Vehicle's Suspension

Modern automotive suspension systems are intricate systems with multiple load-bearing components. Suspension parts like springs, struts, and ball joints will wear out even under ideal driving conditions.

If you do any driving in less than ideal conditions, these suspension parts and components will wear out even faster. When they do, you’ll begin to notice some tell-tale signs that it’s time for a visit to Fine Tuned Auto for suspension service and repair. They include:

  • An Unusually Rough Ride – If you start to feel bumps in the road a little more than usual, or if your car feels bouncy when it encounters an uneven surface, your suspension system may be to blame.
  • A Pulling or Drifting Sensation in Turns – Your suspension system fights against centrifugal forces when you turn by transferring it toward the outside wheels. If you begin to notice your car pulling off of the road or drifting in a turn, it’s time to get your suspension checked out.
  • Abnormal Nose-Dives When Braking – Every time you apply your brakes, the forward momentum of your car transfers its weight to the front shocks. If they’re not up to the task, you’ll notice the front of your car nose-diving more than usual. It’s a sign that you need to have your suspension checked.
  • Uneven Tire Wear – Because your suspension works to keep your tires in contact with the road, any abnormal tire wear could indicate a suspension problem. It means that the pressure on the tires is uneven – and that’s almost always due to a suspension issue.

Expert Suspension Service and Repair Options in Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO

At Fine Tuned Auto, we provide a complete range of suspension repair services for your suspension system. Our suspension service and repair options include (but are not limited to):

Expert Suspension replacement and repair in Erie and Broomfield CO with Fine Tuned Auto. Image of technicians working on truck suspension that is raised on a lift in the shop bay

  • Replacing worn shocks, coils, and struts
  • Replacing worn or damaged bushings, control arms, and wheel bearings
  • Repairing and replacing CV axles and joints
  • Repairing and servicing power steering systems
  • …and much more.

From the smallest suspension service and repair issues to complete suspension overhauls, the mechanic at Fine Tuned Auto offers affordable auto repair solutions for virtually all makes and models.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto in Broomfield, Erie, & Aurora, CO for Suspension Service and Repair

Every part of your vehicle and suspension system has an important role to play. But when one of those parts malfunctions, it won’t be long until other parts follow suit. So if your car is showing signs of a suspension problem, don’t wait! It makes dollars and sense to reach out to the team at Fine Tuned Auto today.

Contact us today to schedule suspension repair and service.