Brake Service and Repair in Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO

Every time you start your vehicle, you trust it to safely get you to and from your destination. However, this doesn’t occur magically. And the functionality of your vehicle’s brakes plays an unprecedented role in making it happen. Because of this, it’s imperative to have regular brake service and repair.

Fortunately, the mechanic and team of technicians at Fine Tuned Auto can help. As the best automotive repair facility, we offer a full range of expert repair and maintenance solutions in our two convenient locations. Whether you’re looking for brake repair in Broomfield, Erie, or Aurora, CO, the mechanic and technicians at Fine Tuned Auto can help.

Expert Brake Repair Mechanics and Technicians

At Fine Tuned Auto, we only hire the best and most talented mechanics and technicians.

Our ASE-Certified mechanics will always begin by carefully inspecting every component of your brakes. From there, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate covering any necessary repairs. We’ll carry out the necessary brake service and repair work and get you back on the road with your approval.

Best of all, we will always stand behind our work with an industry-leading 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty on eligible repairs.

When you visit Fine Tuned Auto, you’ll always be treated to premium car care services. We are the leading brake repair and service facility in the Broomfield, Erie, and Aurora, CO areas. Some of the most common brake repair services we provide include:

  • A comprehensive inspection of brakes
  • Brake fluid exchange services
  • Brake master cylinder replacement
  • Replacement of calipers on your brakes
  • Brake hose replacement
  • Brake caliper and rotor realignment
  • Wheel bearings repacked
  • Brake drums and brake rotors resurfacing
  • Replacement of other components based on inspection finding
  • Lubrication of specific parts of your brakes
  • Worn brake shoe replacement
  • ..and more.

Anytime you bring your vehicle into our Broomfield, Erie, or Aurora, CO brake repair facilities, you will always enjoy the world-class service you deserve.

How Do I Know When I Should Have My Brakes Inspected?

While everyone’s driving habits can vary, we always suggest you have your brakes inspected at least every six months. Fortunately, Fine Tuned Auto makes it easy.

Whether you’re at our Broomfield, Erie, or Aurora, CO location, we can quickly inspect your brakes during your oil change service, tire rotation, or any other service. A few additional tell-tale signs that you should have your brakes inspected include:

  • A squealing or clicking sound when you apply your brakes
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Feeling a vibration in your brake pedal when you attempt to stop
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side or the other while braking

Contact Fine Tuned Auto Today for Brake Service And Repair

Your brakes aren’t a luxury: They’re an integral part of your vehicle every time you get on the road. It’s a matter of safety to have properly functioning brakes. At Fine Tuned Auto, we make brake service and repair easy.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto today for expert brake service and repair in Erie, Broomfield, Aurora, and surrounding areas.