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Brakes Gone Bad? Here Are Five Often-Overlooked Reasons Why!

Today’s vehicles are loaded with the latest and most innovative advanced safety features. Many come equipped with semi-autonomous features, like blind-spot detection and parking assist

While these technologies are nice, they all rely on the original safety feature—brakes.

Brakes are a quintessential component of any vehicle. But most drivers pay no attention until there is something wrong. What that “something” is can vary. 

No matter the cause of your brake issues, the mechanics at Fine Tuned Auto in Broomfield, CO offer extensive brake service and repair. 

Let’s closely look at a few of the top reasons for needing brake service and repair.

Are You An Extra from the Speed Series?

We get it. Sometimes you need to drive aggressively. However, this shouldn’t be your everyday practice. 

Besides increasing the likelihood of an accident, aggressive driving often leads to aggressive braking. This can exponentially wear and tear your brakes, expediting the need for brake service and repair. 

Instead of slamming your brakes at the last minute, the best way to protect your brakes is to anticipate traffic and progressively brake from a distance.

Do You Use Your Brakes as a Resting Platform?

Leaving your left foot on the brake pedal can seem harmless habit as it feels like a natural resting spot for your foot. 

While it may be harmless, what eventually happens is that you’ll accidentally ride the brakes while driving. This practice can cause you to use your brakes unnecessarily and expedite wear and tear. 

More so, it can cause you to stop suddenly, which (as previously mentioned) can lead to additional wear and tear.

Are You Riding Your Brakes When Going Down a Slope?

Traveling downhill can seem intimidating. It can make you feel as if your vehicle is out of control. 

Many drivers will reduce speed by simply riding their brakes down the hill. But doing so can increase the likelihood of brake failure from overheating. Another issue that requires brake service and repair.

Instead of riding your brakes, consider switching your vehicle to a lower gear. This simple step will allow your engine to absorb a bit of the pace while shedding some speed. You can do downshifting in manual and automatic vehicles.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto for Brake Service and Repair in Broomfield, CO

Regardless of how strategically you drive, your brakes will eventually need brake service and repair. Many brake components are designed to be replaced at certain intervals, such as your brake pads. 

Fortunately, the experienced mechanics at Fine Tuned Auto in Broomfield, CO can help. 

We specialize in performing brake service and repair in Broomfield, CO on all makes and models. Because we use the latest and most advanced brake service and repair equipment, we make the process as easy, straightforward, and pleasurable as possible.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto today for brake service and repair in Broomfield, CO.