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Working at Fine Tuned Automotive

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Our Benefits Package

  • Offer a complimentary 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty on eligible repairs.
  • Dedicated to excellence and have earned several Five-Star Customer Service & Satisfaction reviews.
  • We communicate with you throughout your service via text, phone, or email — whichever you prefer.
  • Our mechanics and technicians hold several certifications, including ASE, GTR Certification, Nissan Master, and more.
  • We utilize digital vehicle inspections (DVI) to improve transparency and communication.
  • Need to run errands? You’ll enjoy access to newer loaner vehicles, complimentary LYFT, and shuttle service.

How Do I Know When I Should Have My Brakes Inspected?

While everyone’s driving habits can vary, we always suggest you have your brakes inspected at least every six months. Fortunately, Fine Tuned Auto makes it easy.

Whether you’re at our Broomfield CO location or our Erie CO location, we can quickly inspect your brakes during your oil change service, tire rotation, or any other service. A few additional tell-tale signs that you should have your brakes inspected include:

  • A squealing or clicking sound when you apply your brakes
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Feeling a vibration in your brake pedal when you attempt to stop
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side or the other while braking

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