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Help! My Transmission Light Is on in Broomfield, CO

Anytime you see a dashboard light indicator illuminated, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. These lights are your vehicle’s way of communicating that there may be a potential problem. In most instances, the mechanic at Fine Tuned Auto in Broomfield, CO, can offer a quick and cost-effective solution. However, if you ignore and overlook the light, it can usually cause much more expensive repairs.

Your transmission light is no different. While the transmission light isn’t discussed as much as the Check Engine Light, it’s just as important. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the top potential causes of your transmission light being illuminated. And don’t hesitate to reach out to the mechanic at Fine Tuned Auto in Broomfield, CO, for fast and affordable transmission repair.

Low Transmission Fluid

Low transmission fluid is a common trigger of the transmission warning light. If your fluid levels are low, it can cause a host of performance problems. And if this problem is left unattended, it can cause internal damage, more expensive transmission repairs, and ultimately transmission replacement. However, it’s essential to keep in mind your transmission doesn’t burn fluid the way your engine does. So, if low fluid is the trigger for your transmission light, there’s most likely a leak somewhere else that must be fixed.

Overheated Transmission in Broomfield, CO

The top cause of the transmission warning light is overheating transmission. The underlying cause of your transmission overheating could be anything from an internal transmission problem to an obstructed transmission cooler. At the same time, certain types of driving habits could cause your transmission to overheat, such as towing loads that are too heavy for your vehicle.

Internal Failure of the Transmission

Sometimes, when the transmission light is illuminated, it indicates internal transmission failure. Today’s automatic transmissions are highly-complex components that rely on impeccable timing. If one of those components fails, it may trigger the transmission warning light.

Torque Converter Issues in Broomfield, CO

Most automatic transmissions rely on the torque converter that functions as a fluid coupling device between your transmission and engine. A unique lockup clutch on the inside of the converter creates a mechanical link between the transmission and engine under certain conditions. Over time, however, the torque converter can start to cause problems, such as slippage and shuddering. Even worse, a faulty converter can even fall apart and contaminate your transmission. In either case, problems with the torque converter can lead to your transmission light coming on in Bloomfield, CO.

Shift Interlock Issues Can Trigger Your Transmission Light

Contrary to everything we’ve previously said, sometimes the transmission light doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with your transmission. On some European models, such as the BMW, the transmission light can be triggered by issues with the shift interlock. The shift interlock prevents you from moving your vehicle from “Park” without pressing the brake pedal.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto If Your Transmission Light Is On in Broomfield, CO

In the end, there are a host of situations that can trigger your transmission light. What do all of these scenarios have in common? They shouldn’t be overlooked. If you find your transmission light on in Broomfield, CO, the first thing you should do is reach out to the mechanic at Fine Tune Auto. We specialize in transmission repair and maintenance for virtually all models, including domestic vehicles, European vehicles, and more.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto today for expert transmission repair and maintenance in Broomfield, CO.