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Stop! If You Notice These Brake Repair Signs in Erie, CO

Are your brakes talking to you? If they are, you should most definitely listen. However, most people don’t know the language. Fortunately, the mechanic at Fine Tune Auto in Erie, CO, has outlined a few top signs for you to know that your vehicle needs brake repair. Read on for more, and if your vehicle is demonstrating any of these brake repair signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to the mechanic at Fine Tuned Auto.

Are Your Brakes on the Grind?

While most of us may be on the 8 to 5 grind, your brakes shouldn’t participate. If you’re hearing grinding noises, it most likely means you need brake repair in Erie, CO. This jarring noise is usually caused by a brake shoe or pad scraping on metal contact points. A quick trip to the mechanic at Fine Tuned Auto for brake repair can result in taking your brakes off the grind.

Do You See an Illuminated Brake Light?

If you notice a brake light indicator illuminated on your dashboard, your vehicle is telling you it needs regular brake maintenance or a potential problem. First things first, you can check out your owner’s manual for possible causes. However, the best solution is to schedule your brake repair in Erie, CO, at Fine Tuned Auto. Once here, we will connect your vehicle to our state-of-the-art equipment to properly read codes and administer the necessary brake repair.

Do Your Brakes Squeak or Squeal?

One thing is for sure, squeaking and squealing are for pigs — not your vehicle. Any new sounds emanating from your car are usually a sign of problems. If your brakes squeak or squeal when you press the pedal, it could be something as simple as debris or a pebble lodged in your brakes. However, squeaking or squealing brakes are usually your brake pad wear indicators.

Most brake pads have tiny bits of metal. And when this metal contacts the rotor, it’s designed to sound off a high-pitched — often blood-curdling — noise when you apply the brakes. This is simply your vehicle’s way of letting you know it needs brake repair. Fortunately, the mechanic at Fine Tuned Auto in Erie, CO, can offer a quick and cost-effective brake repair solution.

Are Your Brakes Soft or Spongy?

Anytime you press the brakes, you will always want them to feel firm and offer a level of resistance. If your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor, you need brake repair. The problem could be a buildup of moisture or air in the braking system. A master cylinder problem could also cause it. In either case, the mechanic at Fine Tune Auto can offer the brake repair solution you need.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto in Erie, CO for Expert Brake Repair

If your vehicle demonstrates any of these signs, the last thing you should do is ignore it and keep driving. Instead, it’s best to bring your vehicle to Fine Tuned Auto for brake repair as quickly as possible. Because time is of the essence, the sooner you get your vehicle to our mechanic, the sooner we can offer a more affordable brake repair solution. At the same time, driving around on shoddy or faulty brakes can compromise your ability to stop, which can lead to an accident. Simply put, you have too much riding on your brakes.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto today for expert brake service and brake repair in Erie, CO.