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Suspension Replacement & Repair Broomfield Motorists Can Trust

What is a suspension, what does it do, and how do you know if it needs to be repaired or replaced? At Fine Tuned Auto it is our job to help Broomfield motorists understand more about their vehicles so that you can keep it in the best shape possible.

At its most basic, the suspension is a system that links your car to its wheels. Some of the components involved in the suspension include springs, tires, shock absorbers or struts, and linkages. The suspension works to keep your vehicle under control, makes for a smooth ride, and maximizes performance so that you enjoy both a comfortable and safe ride.

You might find you need suspension repair or replacement eventually, as this system undergoes a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Some of the most common things that have an impact on the health of your suspension system include striking a curb hard, going over speed bumps too fast, driving over potholes, or even being involved in a minor fender bender.

Could your suspension be in need of repairs? A few of the things that indicate problems include:

  • Upon braking, the front of your vehicle takes a dip
  • When taking a turn or sharp curve, your car seems to lean into it with more force than usual
  • You notice every bump in the road and your vehicle rides roughly
  • Your tire treads are wearing unevenly; one may have little tread or balding spots, while another looks fine
  • The shocks or struts are oily, which could indicate fluid leaking

Many people use “shocks” and “struts” interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. The majority of vehicles use one or the other, although some performance cars may use both. Shock absorbers work in tandem with coil springs to keep vibrations at a minimum while providing support for a smooth ride.

When the suspension system doesn’t hold your vehicle evenly, it can put you at an increased risk of a rollover. This is why you should have our highly skilled auto repair technicians take a look at the first indication that something may be wrong.

The suspension plays a huge role in supporting the weight of your car, absorbing the impact of potholes, bumps, and other flaws in the roadway, preventing accelerated tire wear, and sustaining proper alignment of the wheels. Some of the most common suspension repairs involve faulty ball joints, sagging springs, worn struts or shock absorbers, and broken or worn control arms. When one component of your suspension system isn’t replaced or repaired upon learning of the problem, it can result in other components sustaining damage.

Taking care of suspension replacement needs now not only prevents further issues with other components down the road, but saves you money. Minor suspension repairs are far less costly than major repairs, so don’t wait when you suspect problems or notice any of the symptoms outlined above!

Enjoy the ride no matter how far you’re traveling by making sure your suspension system is in good repair. Not only will you have a smooth ride, but one that’s much safer as well. You will also save your tires from unnecessary wear (and the cost to replace them). If you’re in the Broomfield, CO area and suspect your suspension needs attention, call Fine Tuned Auto today at 303-557-1913.