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What Can Happen If I Skip an Oil Change in Erie, CO?

Most car owners know that it’s pretty important to ensure their car never runs low on oil. Many drivers even have a good habit of checking their car’s oil dipstick

But what many drivers fail to understand is that having old or degraded oil isn’t much better than having no oil at all.

The reason is simple: it’s the engine oil that has to stand up to the punishing conditions inside the engine. It wears down eventually. 

The effects of old oil in a car engine won’t show right away. That lack of obvious consequences makes car owners believe that skipping an oil change isn’t a big deal.

Not so fast! At Fine Tuned Auto in Erie, CO, we have seen firsthand what happens to an engine when forced to operate with worn-out oil. And trust us, it’s not pretty. 

An Inside Look at Engine Oil

Engine oil lubricates moving parts and prevents metal-on-metal contact. But that’s not all it does. In fact, it is one of the hardest working fluids in the world! 

Among motor oil’s functions are:

  1. Reduce engine friction to reduce wear and tear
  2. Cool key engine parts
  3. Clean engine parts
  4. Create a seal
  5. Help dampen shocks
  6. Transfer energy
  7. Prevent corrosion

Engine oil is packed with crucial nutrients and additives to perform these jobs. However, these ingredients are consumed over time. Once this occurs, your engine oil loses the ability to protect your engine properly, underscoring the importance of an oil change. 

Your engine also has a filter. It’s designed to filter oil and collect dirt and debris. However, it has a natural limit to how much dirt and debris it can hold.

The Effect of Degraded Oil on an Engine

You won’t notice any immediate effects when you skip an oil change. But your engine will begin to suffer some damage that won’t be obvious. 

The oil stops fighting the acids generated by the combustion process. Corrosion begins inside the engine. At the same time, the engine’s moving parts start to deteriorate due to the oil’s inability to coat them evenly and reduce friction. 

That’s not all. When your oil filter can’t trap any more dirt, the oil deteriorates and becomes a harmful sludge that gunks up your engine.

A drop in your car’s mileage is typically the first sign that something’s wrong. Eventually, your car’s exhaust becomes smokier and has a more noxious odor. 

By this time, you’re already doing severe damage to your engine that you can’t undo. You’re now in the fast lane toward major engine repair or outright engine replacement.

Contact Fine Tuned Auto in Erie, CO for an Oil Change

Skipping oil change is not an option. Regular oil changes are an inexpensive way to prevent engine damage that could cost you a bundle down the road. 

At Fine Tuned Auto, we will get you in, out, and confidently on your way. Make an appointment today at Erie, CO if your car is due for an oil change.